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Facts About Roofing That Every Homeowner Needs to Be Aware of

Every home needs a roof for protecting it from the elements, and the cost of putting up roofs can be substantial. It, therefore, requires that you be fully aware of roofing, the types available, the problems for maintaining roofs, and other issues so that your investment gives you the needed protection and the assurance of it having been well spent.

When you are talking about roofing, the options available today are many, with a lot of new products, colours, and styles that are constantly being developed. You can go in for asphalt shingle, the most commonly used roof, composite roofing, cedar roofing, slate roofing, or even metal roofing. Many of the roofs put up in olden times were made of copper, and give good service even today. We are talking here about pitched and free-standing wooden roofs. Roofs that most homes have, though concrete roofs are not unknown for homes and can be of high cost, but with better durability and strength. Every type of roofing has its advantages and disadvantages and requires your choice of the roofing system in your home to be one that requires careful consideration. Costs are primary considerations, but you also need to think about maintenance costs for the entire life of the roof, to enable you to make the right choice.

Standard shingle roofs have a life of 20 years and will require to be replaced at least once in the lifetime of a building. Metal roofs last longer and can remain as protection for your home throughout its life. Other types of roofing will vary in their cost and requirement of maintenance and all these factors need to be considered before you decide on the roof that you want for your home. At the time of the replacement of a roof, you can always change the type of roof from the existing one, but at times, this may need additional changes to the structure of the roof, which can then affect the cost. Replacement of roofs can require tearing up the roof that exists or can even re-cover the existing roof system. This can add to the weight and such recovering has also building code restrictions.

Roofs are constantly subjected to stress from having to resist the wind, rain, snow, heat from the sun, and other stresses that a building will often be subject to. This can lead it to have problems like loose shingles or tiles, leaks, and dampness inside the house. This can lead to further problems with mould and mildew and lead to health issues. It is important that a roof be inspected at least twice a year and definitely after any big storm. This can uncover missing, cracked, or warped shingles, any loose seams, deterioration in flashings, and malfunctioning gutters among others. Inside the house, cracked paint, peeling wallpaper, plasterboard discoloration, and dampness are sure signs of a problem with the roof that needs to be urgently looked at.

Regular inspection by professionals and their immediate attention to any defects found can go a long way in extending the life of a roof. It is only when the need for incurring the costs of repair are frequent and demanding, that you need to seriously look at replacing the roof and putting up a new one. You can always carry out the inspections on your own and even attend to minor repairs, but do this only after you have taken the proper safety precautions, as when you work on roofs, you are working at a height and not on level ground and must be aware of the safety risks.

Expect a shingle roof to last about two or three decades and be prepared to replace it at least once during your lifetime. The life span of the roof can also depend on local climatic conditions, the roof system and its design, the quality of the material used originally, its proper application, and to a large extent to the adequacy of the roof maintenance.

The structural system of the roof can also play a large part in its functioning and durability. If the supporting system is not stiff enough and shows flexibility more than is desired, it can place additional strain and stress on the roofing materials and their ability to resist the weather. Every roof will require ridges and possibly valleys, flashing at various places, gutters, and down takes. The design and workmanship of these during the original installation can also greatly affect the functioning of the roof. All these sites also require careful inspections during maintenance and attention to repairs of any defects found. Gutters can sag, have joints that will leak, and allow water to run down walls. Leaves from trees and other debris can lead to the blockage of gutters and downpipes and allow the gutter to overflow. Water running down walls, because of the malfunctioning of gutters can lead to damp walls, damage to foundations, and other problems. You can also look at the installation of gutter guards to prevent gutters from getting choked. Down-take pipes must lead the water away from the building through surface drains or well-sloped
protection around the base of the building.

Leaks are the most common defects in roofs, that if left unattended can lead to a lot of inconveniences, unhealthy conditions, and deterioration of the home. Tracing the source of the leak is not an easy task and requires careful inspection. The spot where the dampness or leak makes its way through to inside the home doesn’t need to be the place where the roof has become defective. The water can travel from a tear or opening in the roof covering, make its way through a different part of the underlay, and other ceilings to show itself at a point far distant from this point. Finding the correct spot and then executing repairs requires expertise, and professionals will even use instruments to do this. Proper insulation of a roof and the areas below it will prevent the formation of ice dams during winter, which is often a constant source of leaks in homes.

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